Casing HDD ROCK 3.5" SATA

Casing HDD ROCK 3.5"  SATA
Casing HDD ROCK 3.5"  SATA Casing HDD ROCK 3.5"  SATA Casing HDD ROCK 3.5"  SATA Casing HDD ROCK 3.5"  SATA Casing HDD ROCK 3.5"  SATA
Merek: Rock
Kode Produk: HDD ROCK 3.5
Ketersediaan: Call
Harga: Rp350.000
   - ATAU -   
Product Specification :

Interface : USB 3.0  
Data Transfer Rate : USB 3.0 Super speed : Up to 5Gbps      
Color : Black 
Case Material : Aluminum
Dimensions : 175(D) x 32(W) x 113(H) mm      
System Requirements  : Windows XP / Windows Vist(32/64 bit) / Windows 7 Macintosh 10.3x (USB 2.0) or later 
Power adapter     AC input:100V~240V     DC output: +12V/2A      
Accessories Included : HDL-SU3 USB 3.0 cable X1 / external AC power adapter X1


Aluminum Construction
Known for it´s exceptional properties for being lightweight, high rigidity and superior heat dissipation capabilities, aluminium is an obvious choice when it comes to constructing a quality hard drive enclosure, especially with the excess heat generated from the high-speed hard drives available in the market.    

Super Speed USB 3.0
The full-duplex data transfers capability allows the sending and receiving of data (at the same time) at 10 times faster than an equivalent card of USB 2.0 Standard. The maximum speed of USB 3.0 is 5Gbps, which enables the data transfer up to 25GB within a minute. All HDF series are hot-swappable and plug and play function.


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